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Youth and Young Adult Job Preparedness

Volunteers are able to build transferable skills and become more prepared for full time jobs.

Financial Counseling

Volunteers are able to build transferable skills and become more prepared for full time jobs.

Framing Hope

Building materials for families who need to rebuild their homes.

Clothing Program

Clothes to families in need.

Household Goods Program

Helping families with unmet needs like dishes, can openers or other household items.

Open-Choice Food Pantry

Our open-choice food pantry allows families to chose the food they want instead of having to wait to be given food.It also gives families more variety which can restore a sense of control and independence.


We greet families, and provide a description of the relief, recovery, referral and rebuilding services offered.We also assist with family registration, share recovery information, and facilitate the use of our resources provided by our community partners.

See the Contribution


We are committed to a sustainable future by implementing economical and environmental projects that benefit our community.Together we can create a clean, affordable, and safe place to live and work for future generations.

Help Plan Our Future


We help with grants, donations, and provide programs to help with education of the community’s unmet needs.We do this by partnering with schools and senior programs that help provide jobs and training.

Play It Forward