We greet families, and provide a description of the relief, recovery, referral and rebuilding services offered.We also assist with family registration, share recovery information, and facilitate the use of our resources provided by our community partners.

Current Programs

Help Desk: This is the first stop when entering Project S.O.S. Seeds Of Service, Inc. The Help Desk works with the sick, the needy and the poor to complete an intake for services.

Goal and Referral Planning:  Families with unmet needs meet with the Outreach Department, who assess their current circumstances and see what steps can be taken to help meet these needs. Once completed, families receive a goal sheet to help them understand appointments and referrals. Outreach helps families to meet the goals through case work and concomitant contact.

Employment and Resume Workshop: Work with families to assist them with creating resumes, preparing for job interviews, and obtaining appropriate interview attire. Registered families can confidently work towards receiving and maintaining stable, long-term employment.

Clothing Program: Clothing, shoes, and other accessories are provided to SOS. All items are organized by type and season in the Outreach area, and families can request whichever items they are in need of with the Help Desk.

Financial Budgeting: During these workshops, families learn how to create a budget, prepare for unexpected expenses, and save money by cutting out certain expenses.

Partnership Desk Space: SOS provides partner desks in its Outreach area, allowing for partnering individuals and organizations to deliver important services to registered families. Some programs that are operated from the partnership desks include WIC, National Council on Aging (NCOA), Saint Vincent DePaul, NJ Shares, and SNAP and Horizon. Meeting Room space is made availed for non-profit groups.

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