We help with grants, donations, and provide programs to help with education of the community’s unmet needs.We do this by partnering with schools and senior programs that help provide jobs and training.

Current Programs

Youth and Young Adults Transitional Employment Program:  This program helps youth and young adults with physical or learning disabilities, at-risk behaviors, or other barriers learn the physical and interpersonal skills needed to achieve and maintain long-term employment out in the community. Our Youth and Young adults learn work skills through running our ecommerce platforms like eBay and in the department best suited for their skills and abilities.

Furniture Program:  Families can request whichever furniture items they are in need of with the Outreach Department, and will be provided with them based on which items are available from the donations at the time. All items are provided to families at no cost.

Household Goods Program:  Families can move through the Family Needs room in the Outreach area to look for small household items they may be in need of, such as appliances and cookware, toys, school items, books and DVDs, and assorted decorative items. All items are given to families for free.

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