We are committed to a sustainable future by implementing economical and environmental projects that benefit our community.Together we can create a clean, affordable, and safe place to live and work for future generations.

Current Programs

Open-Choice Pantry:  SOS’ Open-Choice Pantry provides registered families with an opportunity to shop for food, beverage, and hygiene items at no cost. The open-choice format allows families to personally select the food they are in need of; preventing food waste and helping them maintain their independence.

Pet Pantry:  In addition to its Open-Choice Pantry, SOS provides families with a Pet Pantry, where they can select food, toys, and other necessary supplies for their pets at no cost.

BIP (Beneficial Indigenous Property) Workshop:  Workshops, with a focus on educating members of the community about the importance of growing plants indigenous to the Ocean County, NJ area. Workshops are free and open to all members of the community. Participants will be provided with indigenous plant species and the information needed to care for them during the program. A Teaching Garden, where young children can learn about these plant species, is also provided on-site at SOS, along with an Herb Garden.

Rain Barrel Workshop:  SOS provides rain barrel workshops to members of the community. During these workshops, participants learn about the importance of rain barrels in preventing runoff from spilling into the Barnegat Bay and other local aquatic ecosystems, and will receive and decorate their own rain barrels for use on their properties. All workshops and rain barrels are provided free of charge to all members of the community.

Community Garden:  SOS operates a Community Garden on-site, where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown seasonally and provided for free to registered families. The garden is maintained by Sustainability Department team members with the goal of making nutritious, home-grown produce available to families in need and the community at large.

Plant and Seed Exchange:  Through the Plant and Seed Exchange program, members of the community can bring plants and seed packets to SOS and exchange them for plants and seeds. As a result, the spread of indigenous plants throughout the community can expand, and a greater variety of plants can be grown at SOS.

Tool Lending Library:  The Tool Lending Library, operated by the Sustainability Department, lends tools to registeredfamilies for free in order to work on rebuild and renovation projects on their homes and properties. Once these projects are completed, the tools are returned to the Tool Lending Library for the next family that needs them.

Rebuild Repair Material:  This program provides building and construction materials, free of charge, to members of the community whose homes have been damaged by disasters.

KLIP (Kids Lunch Initiative Program):  During the summer months, the Kids Lunch Initiative Program (KLIP) at SOS provides free, pre-packaged lunches to students from low-income families who rely on free or low-cost lunches during the school year. Students are provided with balanced lunches designed to meet their nutritional needs.

Community Organized Clean-Ups:  Between the months of February and April, SOS team members work with volunteers to take part in debris clean-ups and stewardship of the 54 miles of wetlands ecosystems. This program seeks to maintain the cleanliness of these wetlands for the benefit of wildlife and members of the community alike.

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